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United Airlines and Pilots Reach Deal to Delay Furlough

What Happened:

  • Pilots of United Airlines approved an agreement that will avoid furloughs until next June. The furloughs were set to take place this Thursday unless Congress approved more financial aid to airlines. 36,000 United employees were sent layoff warnings back in July.

  • The deal struck between United and the Air Line Pilots Association will allow United to spread a reduced amount of flying across the airline's 13,000 pilots to help save jobs.

  • This deal for pilots comes as United, American and other major airlines prepare to part ways with thousands of workers on Thursday when the $25 billion in federal pandemic-relief aid and a prohibition on furloughs expires. United alone will furlough nearly 12,000 workers. Airlines are lobbying for an additional $25 billion in aid but there is no approval thus far for additional aid.

  • Air travel remains roughly two-thirds lower than it was last year.

Photo Credit: Free-Photos via Pixabay

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