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US and China Reach New Agreement to Combat Climate Change

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

What Happened:

  • The world’s two biggest carbon polluters, the United States and China, have agreed to work together to combat climate change.

  • US special envoy for climate John Kerry met with Chinese official Xie Zhenhua over two days last week and reached an agreement to combat the climate crisis. In a joint statement, they said the two countries are “committed to cooperating with each tackle the climate crisis...with the seriousness and urgency it demands.”

  • Both China and the US are responsible for nearly half of the fossil fuel fumes, with China leading the pack as the world’s largest carbon polluter.

  • Said Kerry, the two countries have agreed on “critical elements” to curb climate change including reduction of coal use. Kerry added that, while the language of the joint statement is “strong”, ultimately, the effectiveness of the agreement will come down to the action taken.

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