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US Govt: Hack of Federal Agencies Likely Originated in Russia

What Happened:

  • On Tuesday, the US’ top National Security Agencies issued a joint statement via the Unified Coordination Group confirming that Russia was likely behind the massive hack of US corporations and government departments that occurred over the last several months.

  • This contradicts President Trump’s recent claims that China was possibly behind the attack.

  • The statement says that the hacks appeared to be focused primarily on “intelligence-gathering” rather than cyber warfare.

  • The hacking campaign was the largest to date targeting 18,000 organizations with malicious code via the popular network-management software, SolarWinds.

  • Despite the large number of targets, the government says that less than 10 organizations and about 250 networks were actually affected, but that they are still assessing the full scope of the damage. The Treasury and Commerce departments were among the agencies affected.

  • Russia has denied any involvement.

Photo Source: pixabay

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