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US Moves Forward with Plans to Impose Sanctions on Iran

What Happened:

  • On Wednesday, the US State Department said it will be moving forward with restoring full sanctions against Iran and anyone who violates the United Nations arms embargo which was set to expire next month on Oct. 18th.

  • Sanctions with Iran were originally eased back in 2015 in the nuclear deal. US security officials say they believe Iran has broken that agreement and is trying to develop nuclear arms. Iran denies any wrongdoing.

  • The other permanent members of the UN Security Council - Britain, China, France, Germany and Russia - all disagree with the US's move. Said Germany, France and the U.K. in a joint statement, “We this action, which is incompatible with our current efforts to support the JCPoA [the official name of the 2015 nuclear deal].”

  • The other members of the U.N.S.C further added that when Trump withdrew from the JCPoA, the U.S. lost the ability to dictate terms regarding Iran’s nuclear nonproliferation strategy.

Image Source: Pixabay

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