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USPS Warns It May Not Be Able To Deliver Ballots To Election Offices In Time - Updated

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

What Happened:

  • The USPS has sent warning letters to multiple States saying that current lags in mail delivery may result in voters ballots not getting back to election offices in time. The purpose of the letters is to warn the Secretaries of States and allow them to plan accordingly.

  • President Trump, who has publicly stated he opposes mail-in voting, has also opposed giving funding to the USPS saying that doing so would allow increased mail-in voting. Trump also stated Thursday that this was one of the sticking points in the 2nd Stimulus negotiation saying that Democrats were trying to get additional funding for the USPS and mail-in voting in the package and that he would not support this decision.

  • Mail-in voting has become much more popular during the pandemic and polls show that Democrats plan to take advantage of mail-in voting at a higher rate than Republicans.

  • 46 States have received the warning letters as well as Washington DC.

  • Many opposition leaders have stated that Trump is purposely trying to manipulate the post office for political gain.

  • UPDATE: Former President Obama said on Friday he is concerned about protecting the integrity of November’s election in light of Trump's efforts to “kneecap” the U.S. Postal Service and consequently limit Americans ability to vote by mail during the pandemic.

Photo Credit F. Muhammad

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