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White House Discussing $1.6 Trill. Covid Relief Package with Congress

What Happened:

  • After House Democrats unveiled a new $2.2 trillion Covid-19 relief package proposal on Monday, the White House said on Thursday that they might be willing to negotiate a $1.6 trillion package.

  • The WH package would include a $400 per week pandemic jobless benefit as well as additional funding for state and local governments.

  • Although this is a partial compromise by the White House, it seems unlikely that House Democrats will agree to it. Democrats came down from $3.4 trillion to $2.2 trillion in their updated proposal on Monday. Meanwhile, the White House proposal increased from $1.4 trillion to $1.6 trillion.

  • Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the new offer still fell short of what was needed for the American public.

  • Said White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, the speaker was "not being serious" in negotiations. McEnany added, "We raised our offer to $1.6 trillion. It’s one that she is is not interested in.”

  • Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin and Pelosi are scheduled to talk by phone early Thursday afternoon.

  • The Trump administration is pushing for an agreement to be in place pre-election.

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Photo Credit: United States Congress

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