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Wildfires in Northern California Cause at Least 5 Deaths

What's Happening:

  • Dozens of wildfires continue to burn through Northern and Central California and are responsible for at least 5 deaths this week.

  • 22 major blazes are still going and have scorched over 660,000 acres across the state

  • Cal Fire Division Chief Blankenheim said firefighters are making steady progress. “We’re doing really good in there...We’re fairly confident that we stopped the spread and hopefully there won’t be any more push further into Vacaville.”

  • A several days long heat wave (reaching triple digit temperatures), dry conditions and a siege of lightning strikes (nearly 11,000 strikes over the last several days) have fueled the wildfires.

  • Evacuation orders were issued for tens of thousands of residents in Northern and Central California as the wildfires move towards populated areas. Vacaville, a city of approx. 100,000 residents was one of the hardest hit this week.

  • As evacuation orders are implemented, several evacuees have expressed concern about an increased chance of exposure to Covid-19 in the shelters.

  • California Governor Newsom declared a statewide emergency on Wednesday to help ensure the availability of vital resources to combat fires.

  • Over 10,000 firefighters are on the front lines, but officials say they are strapped for resources and that some firefighters are working up to 72-hour shifts. The state has requested 375 engines and crew from other states.

Photo Credit: Skeeze

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